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Seriösly News: Coronavirus Intruding The Sports World

The influence of this global pandemic on the Olympics

By Júlia Gorovitz

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We are all aware of the global crisis we are fighting against in our daily life. We all suffer with the consequences of the extreme boredom of this quarantine. But we are not the only ones. The people we idolize and see as more than humans on TV are suffering as well. The Olympics are now also involved in this devastating pandemic.





Even though the minister of the Tokyo Olympics 2020, Seiko Hashimoto, on March 11, 2020, mentioned the postponement of the event was inconceivable, the highly transmissible coronavirus has caused its deferral. This matter has also been of great concern to the Olympics chief executive officer Toshiro Mori, who was “seriously worried” the virus would impact both the Olympics and Paralympics, which were scheduled to open on July 24 and August 25, respectively.

Seiko Hashimoto, 2020

Craig Spence, spokesman for the International Paralympic Committee, said, “One thing I am noticing at the moment is fear is spreading quicker than the virus, and it is important that we quell that fear.” However, the daunting, rapidly escalating numbers are making that more and more difficult.

Craig Spence, 2016
Craig Spence, 2016

In a statement sent on March 24, the International Olympics Committee mentioned the Games would be rescheduled to a date beyond 2020, to safeguard the health of athletes and everyone involved in the Olympics. The sporting event will continue to be called the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020.

The games will now start on July 23, 2021 and will run until August 8. As a result, the Paralympic Games have also shifted dates. They will now run from August 25 until September 6, 2021.

“It is fantastic news that we could find new dates so quickly for the Tokyo 2020 Games,” said Andrew Parsons, the President of the International Paralympic Committee. “The new dates provide certainty for the athletes, reassurance for the stakeholders and something for the world to look forward to.”

Andrew Parsons, 2016

“When the Paralympic Games do take place in Tokyo in 2021, they will be an extra-special display of humanity uniting as one, a global celebration of human resilience and a sensational showcase of sport”, said Parsons, revealing a very positive outlook on the situation.




The disease has spread unimaginably fast, and has even reached some athletes, for example: Marcus Smart, basketball player, Ezequiel Garay, soccer player, Earvin Ngapeth, volleyball player, Thiago Wild, tennis player, and Fernando Gaviria, biker.

The coronavirus is unpredictable, dangerous and worthy of all the attention it has been receiving in the current global scenario. Yet, the dedicated athletes won’t let this microscopic enemy defeat them. Ladies and gentlemen, the Seriösly News presents the “home office” of some well known athletes!

The Brazilian table tennis player Hugo Calderano had his lockdown started on a Monday, March 16th, one day after the closing of the gym he went to practice. The solution found by the athlete was to bring one of the tables home and practice his sport. Even though the athlete complained about lacking space in his house to be able to exercise properly, Calderano tried his best to keep his healthy and strong physical condition.

Hugo Calderano,2016

The 24-year-old Izabella Chiappini has also worked hard, having her father’s gym and a small pool at her disposal, to keep her fit, training everyday. The water polo player said to consider herself very lucky for having the equipment in her hands to help the young athlete, but the situation she finds herself in is far from ideal.

Now, looking on the bright  side, I am absolutely sure that, in July 2021, Tokyo’s streets will be filled with passion, love for sports, togetherness among the people and a lot of excitement from tourists from all over the world. Each one of them (and the athletes too) even more excited about the event because of the huge delay. Every single one of the 33 modalities will be even more special, intriguing and extra appealing!