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Seriösly News COVID 19 Issue – Alternative things to do during your free time in quarantine

Tips and suggestions to help you

By Caroline Cordeiro Dobranszki

Eighth grade

Being a little bored during quarantine is something everyone can relate to. Sometimes, it is normal to have no motivation to do the activities you probably used to do in your regular life. That is why I will help you to feel more useful and use your time in interesting things you can do during quarantine.

1. Learn a new language

If you are interested in a good story, there are lots of apps that can teach you new languages to improve your studies and stimulate  your brain with exercises. One example is the Duolingo app. You can learn French, Spanish, English, German, and a lot of other languages. When you travel to different countries, you will be able to communicate with native people and will be free to ask them anything, besides learning new cultures.

2. Redecorate your room



Many people don’t have time available to think about it, but as we are spending more time at our homes,  redecorating your room might be a good idea, as it has become a trend in American houses. I didn’t use to think about my room a lot, for example, but then I realised that I could make it better, so I decided to glow it up. I really liked the result, and I truly recommend that you do this if you are not satisfied with your room decoration. Paint your walls, make your own decorations, let your imagination rule! I searched for ideas in the app Pinterest, and made a draft by pencil of how I would like it to be. I also bought simple picture frames and printed images, what resulted into cool and less expensive decorative items.

3. Learn to cook different dishes with your family

Cooking takes time, but you can make it more fun and faster by doing it with your family. Search for a recipe that you like on the internet, or better, try to cook a gastronomy plate recommended by chef Marcela and call your family to cook breakfast, lunch or dinner with you. I did it, and I can say that it was very fun. We, people from the twenty first century, are not used to spending much time with our families, and doing activities that include everyone together can be very pleasant. Sooner, the quarantine will be over, so take a little of your time to spent it with the people you love.

4. Learn how to play a new instrument

You know that song that you really like? You could learn how to play it! How cool is that? If you have instruments at home, you can search how to play your favorite song on Youtube. There are a lot of tutorials that can help you there, but if you have no instruments at home, there are apps that can teach you how to play with a digital instrument! One example is the Simply Piano app, which teaches you by hearing you playing, and warning you when you make mistakes.

5. Study different things and read new books


Do you like to read? If the answer is yes, then I have really good news for you! has released more than 50.000 digital books in English, Portuguese and other languages for free! Awesome, right?  That means that you can dive in the universe of new stories and pay nothing for it! In order to download the books, you can search on internet and you’ll find your dream book in a matter of seconds.

I hope these ideas will help you to be even more productive during the quarantine!