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Seriösly News COVID 19 Issue: How to fold

Want to help fight COVID-19 with your computer?

By  Nuno Balbino Reifschneider

Grade  7th

Ever thought about how much time your computer spends idle? What if you could help fight COVID-19 and other diseases with your computer? And you can! Thanks to the Pande group at the Department of Chemistry at Stanford University.

It is now based at the Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine. Folding@home is more powerful than any other supercomputer in the world. The program folds amino acids into proteins. Folding proteins requires computing power. The more you leave your computer running, the more points you get. You can also give your points to a team of your choice. The points show how much you have contributed. They help find possible cures and treatments for COVID-19. 

Is it safe?

Folding@Home has been audited by Avast. It is also supported by many big companies, including Microsoft, Petrobras, Intel, AMD, and Nvidia. Folding doesn’t have access to your information stored on your computer.

How can I fold?

You can go to their website:, download the installer and follow the steps shown to start folding. After you set it up, you can join the Serios’s team. 

The team number is 264998. This is where you enter it :

I also recommend getting a passkey, which gives you bonus points. 

If you have any other questions please talk to me:, or to the super helpful community in the forum:, or on discord:

Please check out the project and join the Serios’s team. Remember that you can make the difference by joining the fight against COVID-19!