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Seriösly News COVID 19 Issue: Online Festa Junina

All about the traditional Festa Junina at our school, now in a new way!

By: Sofia

Grade: 7th grade


The Festa Junina has always been a really important occasion at Colégio Seriös. It’s a remarkable and awaited event for students, families, teachers, and school staff.

Since we are experiencing a pandemic, we weren’t able to have a face to face celebration. But we couldn’t let this bring us down, so the school organised an online party for everyone to enjoy!

Camilla Sampaio, the Kindergarten Educational Supervisor, and Micheli Räder, the Elementary School Educational Coordinator, kindly shared some inside information about the online Festa Junina.

According to Camilla, the idea of having an online party came from mixing the traditional celebration with a greater purpose, helping those in need, and all with caution and safety measures.

The drive-through was a way of reuniting students and teachers, even at a distance. Surprise boxes were distributed as party favours to the students, and they came with a note prepared by the Seriös team.

The Festa Junina was really fun, and you can find the recording on the YouTube account of Grupo dos Três Educação. It had a great variety of activities, including a band and an auction. The auctioned items were pictures of a yellow ipe and one of macaws, both
taken by Bento Viana.

The money from the donations will be given to the institutions Creche Tia Tatá, Casa Mateus 25 and Residencial Professor Niso Prego. Everyone can keep donating money to Creche Tia Tatá through the QR code available in this article. The school is collecting the donations for Tia Tatá because she doesn’t have a bank account. You could also go to the school and donate in person. One can leave the donations, such as food and products, at the school secretary’s office.










There was a performance read by teachers from the three schools, and lots of singing and dancing! The whole school community was involved in the preparation of the event, and even though we wished to be together, having a celebration online shows us that
we can still be happy and bring joy to others, even from far away.

Micheli said that all of the Serios team hope we enjoy this moment and that we should spend this hard time with the people we love. Also, we should all contribute to institutions that do such amazing work for children in need.

Camilla told us that the party was prepared with all affection, to reunite students and teachers: “Our purpose is to bring happiness and our love to the students’ homes. And of course, put forward hope and better living conditions to those who need us so much. I really miss our daily routine, our hugs, our exchange of experiences. But soon we’ll all be together.”

The Festa Junina online was an incredible experience, and it was very comforting to see the teachers in person again. Thank you, Seriös!