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Seriösly News COVID 19 Issue – Quarantine and elderly people

How to make this confinement easier for them

By Júlia Lettieri Bastos

High school

During this pandemic, everyone has been recommended to stay at home, but this is not a very easy task, especially for elderly people. Since they are at risk, we have to take special care of them, as they are very restless and in distress at having to be confined at home.

At the moment we are living, we have to look for more activities to make quarantine less difficult. We have some options such as word search, tic-tac-toe, ring pass and card games, which can remind the seniors of their good old days. 

In addition, playing more modern board games, attending online courses, learning new recipes, making handicrafts like knitting or crochet, and mainly practicing physical exercises with preventive care are very advisable to help pass the time and reduce the distress of this new routine for the elders.

The activities mentioned above can be found on youtube, where there are videos teaching physical activities to be done at home, as well as recipes and many other resources. Social networks are also a support community that the older may try in order to do new activities, learn or improve a new skill, and make this confinement easier.

Therefore, these activities are essential to their mental, physical and emotional health during quarantine. They help to pass the time, improve the quality of life, and keep the body active and healthy. So, we can help the elders by offering them these options of activities, always reminding them to stay at home, taking the right preventive measures and devoting the special attention they need during this pandemic.