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Seriösly News COVID 19 Issue – School during quarantine

How Colégio Seriös has been helping me during this quarantine

By: Fernanda Dobranszki 

Grade: 7A


Colégio Seriös helped me realise how much the activities learned at school can be applied in my life, especially during this quarantine. Everything I learned, and I’m still learning, is influencing directly on all my activities and routine. A lot of people do not understand how important these classes are for our lives, and that we should take advantage of these opportunities to try to be a better person, and always give our best, in order to pursue great opportunities. Here are some of the activities learned at school that can be applied in my daily routine:

Online classes and homework on the Google platform:

Online classes assisted us, in the first place, on learning to listen to others and on waiting for our turn to speak. Besides that, we’ve been trying new methods of learning and of being connected to the world, having the opportunity to do a lot of research. The virtual homework encouraged us to develop abilities with the computer in ways we’ve never imagined. 

Art class: 

Different kinds of arts can be done at home for entertainment. As an example, you can use your skills to decorate your room applying many ideas learned in art classes, like painting a picture or a wall, for example. I’ve changed completely my room at this quarantine.











Cooking class:

During quarantine, cooking class helped us get more confident to cook and try new recipes. This week in cooking class we cooked a delicious meal named Shakshuka (in Arabian شكشوكة), which is considered a typical dish in the Middle East and is normally made with tomato, onion, and pepper, fried in olive oil. However, there are variations in some places. 










Financial education classes:

Financial education classes have taught me how to manage my money. My sister and I have been using this knowledge a lot because, along with my father, we created a simulation of a family company for building and selling face shields made at the 3D printer, to help the effort against the COVID-19. We named our company “3 Dobras”. 10% of our profits go to donations and the rest is split among us, after paying all our expenses. Business is going very well up to this day.   

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“Líder em mim”:

“Líder em mim” is a subject that most schools don’t have. It is a class that teaches us how to take care of our body and mind, and helps us realise how we can be a better person each day. In my house, we use its teachings every day, to try to organise our lives, time, and think a little bit about others too and not just about ourselves.

Physical education:

These days, practicing exercises such as leg raise and clap, plank, and running, have been essential for the students at our school because we are staying home for a long time, and that makes us want to eat all the time. Doing physical exercises makes our body healthy and helps us get in a good shape. 

Drama classes:

Drama classes teach us to develop not just our facial expressions, but our body expressions too. It helped me a lot not to be afraid of speaking in public, and to practice my memory. We practiced different ways of looking this week in drama class. Looking into people’s eyes while talking to someone is very important because it shows that we are interested in the conversation and it transmits seriousness. 

Circus classes:

During this quarantine, this class has been helping me to practice my motor coordination, and to try new movements in my backyard, always with lots of happiness.


I don’t know about the other schools, but mine is surely the best!