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Seriösly News COVID 19 Issue – The Good Side

There are not only bad news about the coronavirus. Let’s see some of the good news!

By Giovanna Milani, Maria Luiza Cruz and Diana Galdino

Grade 8

In these last few weeks, everyone is getting to know the novel coronavirus and its impacts on our society. But what many people don’t know is that this pandemic situation can have a good impact on our lifestyle.

One example is that we are now learning to be more patient and productive. Another example is that we are spending more time with our family. We have time to do things that we couldn’t do on normal days because we were always busy with work or school. Everyone is being more sympathetic to our nation and we are getting to know our neighbors better. All together, but apart. And if we do everything that is recommended by our doctors, we will remain safe.

Today, more than 947 thousand people in the world have already recovered from the COVID-19!

UnB has chosen 115 projects, which were suggested by the researchers, to combat the COVID-19. Some proposals are the manufacture of masks and gloves with a product that can destroy the virus, in addition to the development of prototypes of respiratory devices.

One more good news is that two Brazilian women sequenced the genome in just 2 days! Their names are Ester Sabino and Jaqueline Goes. Jaqueline discovered a new technique to do this procedure four  years ago, during the epidemic of the Zika virus. These women discovered the genome sequence two days after the confirmation of the first coronavirus case in Brazil. This study will help doctors and scientists around the world to create a vaccine, which will save thousands of lives.

Although this is a difficult and crazy time, we shouldn’t feel in despair. There are people who are looking after us. All we have to do is follow the security measures and we will be alright.

Doctors celebrating a patient cured the from coronavirus
Jaqueline Goes, one of the scientists who did the genome sequencing