Seriösly News: Coronavirus Intruding The Sports World


The influence of this global pandemic on the Olympics

By Júlia Gorovitz

High school

We are all aware of the global crisis we are fighting against in our daily life. We all suffer with the consequences of the extreme boredom of this quarantine. But we are not the only ones. The people we idolize and see as more than humans on TV are suffering as well. The Olympics are now also involved in this devastating pandemic.





Even though the minister of the Tokyo Olympics 2020, Seiko Hashimoto, on March 11, 2020, mentioned the postponement of the event was inconceivable, the highly transmissible coronavirus has caused its deferral. This matter has also been of great concern to the Olympics chief executive officer Toshiro Mori, who was “seriously worried” the virus would impact both the Olympics and Paralympics, which were scheduled to open on July 24 and August 25, respectively.

Seiko Hashimoto, 2020

Craig Spence, spokesman for the International Paralympic Committee, said, “One thing I am noticing at the moment is fear is spreading quicker than the virus, and it is important that we quell that fear.” However, the daunting, rapidly escalating numbers are making that more and more difficult.

Craig Spence, 2016
Craig Spence, 2016

In a statement sent on March 24, the International Olympics Committee mentioned the Games would be rescheduled to a date beyond 2020, to safeguard the health of athletes and everyone involved in the Olympics. The sporting event will continue to be called the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020.

The games will now start on July 23, 2021 and will run until August 8. As a result, the Paralympic Games have also shifted dates. They will now run from August 25 until September 6, 2021.

“It is fantastic news that we could find new dates so quickly for the Tokyo 2020 Games,” said Andrew Parsons, the President of the International Paralympic Committee. “The new dates provide certainty for the athletes, reassurance for the stakeholders and something for the world to look forward to.”

Andrew Parsons, 2016

“When the Paralympic Games do take place in Tokyo in 2021, they will be an extra-special display of humanity uniting as one, a global celebration of human resilience and a sensational showcase of sport”, said Parsons, revealing a very positive outlook on the situation.




The disease has spread unimaginably fast, and has even reached some athletes, for example: Marcus Smart, basketball player, Ezequiel Garay, soccer player, Earvin Ngapeth, volleyball player, Thiago Wild, tennis player, and Fernando Gaviria, biker.

The coronavirus is unpredictable, dangerous and worthy of all the attention it has been receiving in the current global scenario. Yet, the dedicated athletes won’t let this microscopic enemy defeat them. Ladies and gentlemen, the Seriösly News presents the “home office” of some well known athletes!

The Brazilian table tennis player Hugo Calderano had his lockdown started on a Monday, March 16th, one day after the closing of the gym he went to practice. The solution found by the athlete was to bring one of the tables home and practice his sport. Even though the athlete complained about lacking space in his house to be able to exercise properly, Calderano tried his best to keep his healthy and strong physical condition.

Hugo Calderano,2016

The 24-year-old Izabella Chiappini has also worked hard, having her father’s gym and a small pool at her disposal, to keep her fit, training everyday. The water polo player said to consider herself very lucky for having the equipment in her hands to help the young athlete, but the situation she finds herself in is far from ideal.

Now, looking on the bright  side, I am absolutely sure that, in July 2021, Tokyo’s streets will be filled with passion, love for sports, togetherness among the people and a lot of excitement from tourists from all over the world. Each one of them (and the athletes too) even more excited about the event because of the huge delay. Every single one of the 33 modalities will be even more special, intriguing and extra appealing!

Seriösly News COVID 19 Issue: How to fold


Want to help fight COVID-19 with your computer?

By  Nuno Balbino Reifschneider

Grade  7th

Ever thought about how much time your computer spends idle? What if you could help fight COVID-19 and other diseases with your computer? And you can! Thanks to the Pande group at the Department of Chemistry at Stanford University.

It is now based at the Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine. Folding@home is more powerful than any other supercomputer in the world. The program folds amino acids into proteins. Folding proteins requires computing power. The more you leave your computer running, the more points you get. You can also give your points to a team of your choice. The points show how much you have contributed. They help find possible cures and treatments for COVID-19. 

Is it safe?

Folding@Home has been audited by Avast. It is also supported by many big companies, including Microsoft, Petrobras, Intel, AMD, and Nvidia. Folding doesn’t have access to your information stored on your computer.

How can I fold?

You can go to their website:, download the installer and follow the steps shown to start folding. After you set it up, you can join the Serios’s team. 

The team number is 264998. This is where you enter it :

I also recommend getting a passkey, which gives you bonus points. 

If you have any other questions please talk to me:, or to the super helpful community in the forum:, or on discord:

Please check out the project and join the Serios’s team. Remember that you can make the difference by joining the fight against COVID-19!

Black Lives Matter


by Ariel Triana

Grade 8th

Worldwide, a campaign started after some racist events: Black Lives Matter. Racism has always been present in the world but disguised in many ways, such as jokes about black people, among thousands of others.  Unfortunately, due to the tragic events in the USA, mainly, this has worsened dramatically.

My name is Ariel Schneider De Almeida Triana and I am a 14 year old black boy. I write this text to explain, understand, and claim equal rights for black and white people. Job offers for a black person are completely different than those to a white person. I’m sure that if a black man wanted to work for a company, cosmetics store or the like, the treatment received by a black person would be completely different from a white person’s.  We, blacks, are tired of having to survive racism every day. No one should be treated differently from other people just because of their skin color.

I speak for all the blacks in the world who want to be heard and cared for.  We want to exercise our rights as citizens, to go out on the street without having to be too tidy to avoid being mistaken for a thief or simply a criminal.

 White privilege is very common in this country that is based on slave labor. Whites have always been the protagonists in our world, and that has to change. Blacks cannot be on the cover of a magazine only on November 20. We are also part of society. We want to claim what is rightfully ours!

Racism is an agenda that must be taken very seriously, because, according to research, only 11% of the wealthiest Brazilians are black. If blacks represent 54% of the Brazilian population, why do we see so few black people in high positions in society?  To answer each of these questions, I don’t need to say anything other than: RACISM.

We live in a very racist society; however, few people consider themselves racist.  Sometimes, people are racist without realizing it, with some phrases that you may not know are racist, such as: “Don’t talk to me like that, I’m not your little black”.  Phrases like this are extremely racist and hurtful.

I have already suffered racism, I still suffer a lot of racism and will continue suffering if we don’t change our attitudes now! I am only 14 years old and I have been through several racist situations that hurt me a lot. Racism will always exist and there is nothing we can do to change that. There are several forms of racism, such as structural, institutional, and explicit racism. I try not to be shaken by these nasty comments, but I am not made of stone. I have amazing friends who don’t discriminate against me because of my color. It is gratifying to see how many people support the “Black Lives Matter” movement. On the other hand, there are also some people who only say they support the movement to maintain the facade of a good person.

When I was young I suffered racism, and nowadays I still suffer racism. I wanna know: why are people still being racist with other people? Why do people discriminate against others on the grounds of color? Someone has told me that I’m worse because I’m black, and that only because I’m black I should live in a dumping ground. Yes, I’m black and I love being a black guy. I feel blessed for being black and proud of myself when I defend all black movements. 

So, I ask everyone to help support this cause. Help us, help black people, and help yourself live in a better society. I’m beautiful in every single way, but we all know that words can bring us down. However, together we can stand tall and strong, and fight for everyone’s rights. And for all the racists who are reading this text, I only have one thing to say to you: you can shoot me with your words, you can cut me with your eyes, you can kill me with your hatred, but still, like air, I will get up.

Seriösly News COVID 19 Issue: Behind Coronavirus Testing


A simplified explanation of coronavirus testing and the science behind it

By  Nuno Balbino Reifschneider

Grade  7th

The coronavirus situation is currently very bad, and if we don’t take action it will get worse. Having a basic understanding of tests is also very important. Taking a test is an action that should be carefully considered.


In this article, I will talk about Nucleic Acid Amplification Tests (NAAT) and the Serological tests. NAAT’s detect the virus, but the Serological test detects antibodies, which can tell if you had previously had contact with the virus and developed protection against it. Antibodies are proteins produced by the body as a response to other harmful substances called antigens.


What are Nucleic Acids?

Nucleic Acids are biomolecules essential to forms of life. DNA and RNA are one of them. They were discovered by Friedrich Miescher in 1869. Other researchers have made important progress including Albrecht Kossel, Richard Altmann, Astbury and Bell, Watson, and Crick.

How do the tests work?

In a simplified manner, the NAAT works by identifying the presence of RNA from the virus using Real-Time Reverse Transcription-Polymerase Chain Reaction, or rRT-PCR, (using a nasal swab). According to Al Jazeera,  the testing process can take up to 3-4 hours, with results available to patients within several days in most countries.

The serological test used in Covid-19 testing is called ELISA or EIA and it uses blood samples to detect the presence of antibodies against the virus. ELISA can also be used to test other viral diseases. It has been used in many cases, including airlines, because the viruses spread very easily on planes. The serological test is very useful because it is fast. It normally takes 20 minutes.

How should people be tested?

It is known that there are two good ways to test people. The first one is to randomly test individuals. It was estimated that, to properly use this method in the USA, they would need to test more than 10 million people per day. The other method is contact tracing, which is to find out people who have been in contact with the virus and then test them. This method is harder to execute, but requires significantly fewer tests.

Final Thoughts

You should stay at home unless you absolutely need to leave, in order to avoid spreading the virus. This may seem obvious, but it is of paramount importance. Preventing the unnecessary use of tests is also crucial, due to the limited amount of tests.


Sources/What to Read.

Siddiqui, Usaid. “Coronavirus Testing Methods: What You Need to Know.” News | Al Jazeera, Al Jazeera, 7 Apr. 2020,

A Dream of Freedom


by Athos Schneider De Almeida Triana

Being free is everyone’s right. In times of discord and prejudice, people suffer from pain and affliction in various ways. The most visible is prejudice, even if it is disguised. For that matter, I want to talk about freedom and what it means to be free. So I ask: what is it to be free? 

Being free is a privilege that, in fact, few people have. We all talk about wanting to be free sometime in our lives, but freedom is very relative. For some people being free can be simply not paying taxes, or being a multimillionaire and being able to buy whatever they want. For me, freedom is something that may seem simple, but it is an object of fight that many people – myself included – have been struggling with. Fighting this battle should be the objective of everyone. But the largest portion of society prefers to omit it because it is racism that I want to talk about. Racism does not match freedom.

Freedom… what an incredible word, isn’t it? While the privileged white man lies on the sofa, complaining about his problems, every 23 minutes, according to the UN, a young black man dies. According to IBGE (the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics), in 75% of homicides in Brazil the victim is black. In proportion, blacks are 2.7% more likely to be victims of murder than whites. I’m black, and luckily, I’m still alive.

Unfortunately, the world has experienced various situations of racism. Thousands of people still remain with racist attitudes and speeches. I make this manifest aimed at hypocritical, closed-minded, racist people, and those who think that a person should be treated differently because of their color, gender, sexual orientation or religion.

I believe that nobody is born racist. This is something you learn. Together we can evolve and grow to change the world. This evolution is a struggle for everyone, but we all have a voice, so don’t be silent, because when you say nothing, besides supporting racism in a subtle way, you become an accessory to violence. Together we can bring hope back, but not the dying people. Black or white, it doesn’t matter, so let’s all come together and, yes, be angry with people who believe that racism makes sense in a country built on slave labor.

Many people do not know exactly what it is to be free. I would like to know what it feels like to leave home without fear of being killed. I wish that the “different” in color could enter a store and not be chased by the establishment’s employees who think they are going to steal something. I wish that no one would be looked at and treated differently because of color, because I know that whites and blacks bleed the same: a thick reddish liquid. So why do I, a black man, have to be treated differently because of my color?

I remember that when I was a child I played with my white friends in kindergarten and we didn’t see the color and I even called them ‘brother’. So we grew up and we were taught that we should hate each other, although we didn’t want to part, because, before our friendship, we were “colorblind”. Color was never a problem in our friendship, so I just have to thank them.

This manifest is beyond respect for blacks, it is for tolerance. A Dream of Freedom is not strictly aimed at Brazilians, but at the whole world for reflection. You may not even see racism, but it does exist.

 Athos Schneider de Almeida Triana. Brasília, June of 2020

Seriösly News COVID 19 Issue: Online Festa Junina


All about the traditional Festa Junina at our school, now in a new way!

By: Sofia

Grade: 7th grade


The Festa Junina has always been a really important occasion at Colégio Seriös. It’s a remarkable and awaited event for students, families, teachers, and school staff.

Since we are experiencing a pandemic, we weren’t able to have a face to face celebration. But we couldn’t let this bring us down, so the school organised an online party for everyone to enjoy!

Camilla Sampaio, the Kindergarten Educational Supervisor, and Micheli Räder, the Elementary School Educational Coordinator, kindly shared some inside information about the online Festa Junina.

According to Camilla, the idea of having an online party came from mixing the traditional celebration with a greater purpose, helping those in need, and all with caution and safety measures.

The drive-through was a way of reuniting students and teachers, even at a distance. Surprise boxes were distributed as party favours to the students, and they came with a note prepared by the Seriös team.

The Festa Junina was really fun, and you can find the recording on the YouTube account of Grupo dos Três Educação. It had a great variety of activities, including a band and an auction. The auctioned items were pictures of a yellow ipe and one of macaws, both
taken by Bento Viana.

The money from the donations will be given to the institutions Creche Tia Tatá, Casa Mateus 25 and Residencial Professor Niso Prego. Everyone can keep donating money to Creche Tia Tatá through the QR code available in this article. The school is collecting the donations for Tia Tatá because she doesn’t have a bank account. You could also go to the school and donate in person. One can leave the donations, such as food and products, at the school secretary’s office.










There was a performance read by teachers from the three schools, and lots of singing and dancing! The whole school community was involved in the preparation of the event, and even though we wished to be together, having a celebration online shows us that
we can still be happy and bring joy to others, even from far away.

Micheli said that all of the Serios team hope we enjoy this moment and that we should spend this hard time with the people we love. Also, we should all contribute to institutions that do such amazing work for children in need.

Camilla told us that the party was prepared with all affection, to reunite students and teachers: “Our purpose is to bring happiness and our love to the students’ homes. And of course, put forward hope and better living conditions to those who need us so much. I really miss our daily routine, our hugs, our exchange of experiences. But soon we’ll all be together.”

The Festa Junina online was an incredible experience, and it was very comforting to see the teachers in person again. Thank you, Seriös!

Seriösly News COVID 19 Issue – School during quarantine


How Colégio Seriös has been helping me during this quarantine

By: Fernanda Dobranszki 

Grade: 7A


Colégio Seriös helped me realise how much the activities learned at school can be applied in my life, especially during this quarantine. Everything I learned, and I’m still learning, is influencing directly on all my activities and routine. A lot of people do not understand how important these classes are for our lives, and that we should take advantage of these opportunities to try to be a better person, and always give our best, in order to pursue great opportunities. Here are some of the activities learned at school that can be applied in my daily routine:

Online classes and homework on the Google platform:

Online classes assisted us, in the first place, on learning to listen to others and on waiting for our turn to speak. Besides that, we’ve been trying new methods of learning and of being connected to the world, having the opportunity to do a lot of research. The virtual homework encouraged us to develop abilities with the computer in ways we’ve never imagined. 

Art class: 

Different kinds of arts can be done at home for entertainment. As an example, you can use your skills to decorate your room applying many ideas learned in art classes, like painting a picture or a wall, for example. I’ve changed completely my room at this quarantine.











Cooking class:

During quarantine, cooking class helped us get more confident to cook and try new recipes. This week in cooking class we cooked a delicious meal named Shakshuka (in Arabian شكشوكة), which is considered a typical dish in the Middle East and is normally made with tomato, onion, and pepper, fried in olive oil. However, there are variations in some places. 










Financial education classes:

Financial education classes have taught me how to manage my money. My sister and I have been using this knowledge a lot because, along with my father, we created a simulation of a family company for building and selling face shields made at the 3D printer, to help the effort against the COVID-19. We named our company “3 Dobras”. 10% of our profits go to donations and the rest is split among us, after paying all our expenses. Business is going very well up to this day.   

Follow us on Instagram!








“Líder em mim”:

“Líder em mim” is a subject that most schools don’t have. It is a class that teaches us how to take care of our body and mind, and helps us realise how we can be a better person each day. In my house, we use its teachings every day, to try to organise our lives, time, and think a little bit about others too and not just about ourselves.

Physical education:

These days, practicing exercises such as leg raise and clap, plank, and running, have been essential for the students at our school because we are staying home for a long time, and that makes us want to eat all the time. Doing physical exercises makes our body healthy and helps us get in a good shape. 

Drama classes:

Drama classes teach us to develop not just our facial expressions, but our body expressions too. It helped me a lot not to be afraid of speaking in public, and to practice my memory. We practiced different ways of looking this week in drama class. Looking into people’s eyes while talking to someone is very important because it shows that we are interested in the conversation and it transmits seriousness. 

Circus classes:

During this quarantine, this class has been helping me to practice my motor coordination, and to try new movements in my backyard, always with lots of happiness.


I don’t know about the other schools, but mine is surely the best!

Reviews – Seriösly News Contest


Movie / Book: Diary of a Wimpy Kid 3

Director / Author: Jeff Kinney

Fernando Lacalle Turbino Pereira

This book is about a thirteen-year-old boy called Gregory Heffley. It is the third volume of a fourteen-book series. It tells stories about Greg and his best friend Rowley in middle school and also with his family (parents and two brothers). When you read the book you have a lot of fun because he is always in trouble. In this book, Greg’s dad wants to send him to a military school, and he needs to escape from that.

My favorite character is Rowley, Greg’s best friend, because he’s clumsy and naive. I super recommend it for those who like to laugh and have some fun time.

Movie / Book: DARKEST HOUR (2017)

Director / Author: Joe Wright/ Anthony McCarten

Pedro Sant´Ana Fioravanti Aguiar

 Darkest Hour is a drama movie from 2017 directed by Joe Wright and written by Anthony McCarten.The film takes place in 1940, in England, during the German invasion of France, and tells the story of Winston Churchill and his first days as prime minister. The motion picture is full of real and inspiring speeches and talks about how Winston resisted the Nazis even in the hardest situations and saved his country.

 I really like the acting in this film. Lily James did a great job playing the role of Elizabeth Layton. So did Ben Mendelsohn, that stars as King George VI, but the best actor of the movie is by far Gary Oldman, who stars as Winston Churchill and even won an Oscar of best actor. My favourite character in the film is Winston, because he was brave and smart, and without him, the world wouldn’t be the same. I think this is an ideal movie for people who like to know about history and people that changed the world forever.

Movie / Book: Minha vida fora de série (it’s a brazilian book so it doesn’t have a translation)

Director / Author: Paula Pimenta

Ana Cecília Vasconcellos Celino

  Minha Vida Fora de Série is a brazilian romance book written by Paula Pimenta. The book is about a teenage girl, Pricila, who has moved to another city after her parents divorced. At the beginning she didn’t like the idea, but maybe, it is a chance to meet someone…

 This is an awesome book that shows the life of a normal teenager with a little taste of love ❤️. It’s the kind of book that you don’t want to stop reading. I love the way that the author describes the story, a way that makes you happy or sad along with the characters, and it leaves you really wanting to know what happens in the end. If you like romances, you should definitely read this book. I give it 5 stars.

Movie / Book: Avengers: Endgame

Veruska Tonhá Moreira Isidro

It’s certainly the plot that’s going to define the fate of a movie, if it is going to be one of the biggest box offices of the world or not. Like it or not, we have to agree that the Avengers film franchise was one of the best ever produced, with individual movies for the characters and an amazing storyline. It was almost unbelievable when the movie Avengers: Endgame took the first place in the highest box offices of the world, beating Avatar. It took ten years for something like this to happen.

If you haven’t watched this movie, Avengers: Endgame is an extremely good movie that puts together most of the Marvel universe superheroes and characters into a journey to save the Universe. So we see Iron Man and his ‘mates’ (the Avengers), StarLord and the Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant Man and the Wasp, most of Wakanda warriors, and so on.

It is a traditional superhero movie indeed. But it brings a much more complex plot that demands some knowledge of the Marvel universe, such as knowing the characters, their story and what they’ve gone through.

 I really enjoyed watching it. It’s worth a lot. You get addicted to the storyline and it makes you curious to know more about the Marvel universe.

It’s a movie for all ages; it doesn’t matter. I suggest it to 7-year-old kids and up, adults, elders… everyone!

Movie / Book: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off 

Bruno Vasconcelos do Espírito Santo


 Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is a comedy film from the 80’s starring Matthew Broderick as a high schooler who’s very liked and popular in his school. He pretends to be sick and tries to spend the day with his best friend and his girlfriend while his school director tries to spy on him to prove that he’s faking his sickness. 

 The film constantly breaks the 4th wall and the main character (Ferris Bueller) is always talking to the viewer about the situation he’s in.

 The characters have pretty unique personalities. Ferris is always playful and he’s always seeing the bright side of things, unlike his best friend Cameron, who’s always concerned about Ferris decisions and is scared to go on an “adventure” with him.

 In my opinion, the film is great if you are trying to get some good laughs and it is also great to watch with friends and family! 

Thanks for reading 🙂

Movie / Book: The Intern

Mariana Pretto Januário


The Intern is a movie about an old man that wants to work. Then, he starts working for a woman, but she’s not easy to work with. What do you think will happen next? Watch the movie! 

It is a very good movie for everyone and it is very fun and cool. I loved the movie. 

The movie stars are Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway. They are really good actors. 

Watch The Intern! I am pretty sure you will like it!

Seriösly News COVID 19 Issue – Alternative things to do during your free time in quarantine


Tips and suggestions to help you

By Caroline Cordeiro Dobranszki

Eighth grade

Being a little bored during quarantine is something everyone can relate to. Sometimes, it is normal to have no motivation to do the activities you probably used to do in your regular life. That is why I will help you to feel more useful and use your time in interesting things you can do during quarantine.

1. Learn a new language

If you are interested in a good story, there are lots of apps that can teach you new languages to improve your studies and stimulate  your brain with exercises. One example is the Duolingo app. You can learn French, Spanish, English, German, and a lot of other languages. When you travel to different countries, you will be able to communicate with native people and will be free to ask them anything, besides learning new cultures.

2. Redecorate your room



Many people don’t have time available to think about it, but as we are spending more time at our homes,  redecorating your room might be a good idea, as it has become a trend in American houses. I didn’t use to think about my room a lot, for example, but then I realised that I could make it better, so I decided to glow it up. I really liked the result, and I truly recommend that you do this if you are not satisfied with your room decoration. Paint your walls, make your own decorations, let your imagination rule! I searched for ideas in the app Pinterest, and made a draft by pencil of how I would like it to be. I also bought simple picture frames and printed images, what resulted into cool and less expensive decorative items.

3. Learn to cook different dishes with your family

Cooking takes time, but you can make it more fun and faster by doing it with your family. Search for a recipe that you like on the internet, or better, try to cook a gastronomy plate recommended by chef Marcela and call your family to cook breakfast, lunch or dinner with you. I did it, and I can say that it was very fun. We, people from the twenty first century, are not used to spending much time with our families, and doing activities that include everyone together can be very pleasant. Sooner, the quarantine will be over, so take a little of your time to spent it with the people you love.

4. Learn how to play a new instrument

You know that song that you really like? You could learn how to play it! How cool is that? If you have instruments at home, you can search how to play your favorite song on Youtube. There are a lot of tutorials that can help you there, but if you have no instruments at home, there are apps that can teach you how to play with a digital instrument! One example is the Simply Piano app, which teaches you by hearing you playing, and warning you when you make mistakes.

5. Study different things and read new books


Do you like to read? If the answer is yes, then I have really good news for you! has released more than 50.000 digital books in English, Portuguese and other languages for free! Awesome, right?  That means that you can dive in the universe of new stories and pay nothing for it! In order to download the books, you can search on internet and you’ll find your dream book in a matter of seconds.

I hope these ideas will help you to be even more productive during the quarantine!


Seriösly News COVID 19 Issue – Quarantine and elderly people


How to make this confinement easier for them

By Júlia Lettieri Bastos

High school

During this pandemic, everyone has been recommended to stay at home, but this is not a very easy task, especially for elderly people. Since they are at risk, we have to take special care of them, as they are very restless and in distress at having to be confined at home.

At the moment we are living, we have to look for more activities to make quarantine less difficult. We have some options such as word search, tic-tac-toe, ring pass and card games, which can remind the seniors of their good old days. 

In addition, playing more modern board games, attending online courses, learning new recipes, making handicrafts like knitting or crochet, and mainly practicing physical exercises with preventive care are very advisable to help pass the time and reduce the distress of this new routine for the elders.

The activities mentioned above can be found on youtube, where there are videos teaching physical activities to be done at home, as well as recipes and many other resources. Social networks are also a support community that the older may try in order to do new activities, learn or improve a new skill, and make this confinement easier.

Therefore, these activities are essential to their mental, physical and emotional health during quarantine. They help to pass the time, improve the quality of life, and keep the body active and healthy. So, we can help the elders by offering them these options of activities, always reminding them to stay at home, taking the right preventive measures and devoting the special attention they need during this pandemic.

Seriösly News COVID 19 Issue – The Good Side


There are not only bad news about the coronavirus. Let’s see some of the good news!

By Giovanna Milani, Maria Luiza Cruz and Diana Galdino

Grade 8

In these last few weeks, everyone is getting to know the novel coronavirus and its impacts on our society. But what many people don’t know is that this pandemic situation can have a good impact on our lifestyle.

One example is that we are now learning to be more patient and productive. Another example is that we are spending more time with our family. We have time to do things that we couldn’t do on normal days because we were always busy with work or school. Everyone is being more sympathetic to our nation and we are getting to know our neighbors better. All together, but apart. And if we do everything that is recommended by our doctors, we will remain safe.

Today, more than 947 thousand people in the world have already recovered from the COVID-19!

UnB has chosen 115 projects, which were suggested by the researchers, to combat the COVID-19. Some proposals are the manufacture of masks and gloves with a product that can destroy the virus, in addition to the development of prototypes of respiratory devices.

One more good news is that two Brazilian women sequenced the genome in just 2 days! Their names are Ester Sabino and Jaqueline Goes. Jaqueline discovered a new technique to do this procedure four  years ago, during the epidemic of the Zika virus. These women discovered the genome sequence two days after the confirmation of the first coronavirus case in Brazil. This study will help doctors and scientists around the world to create a vaccine, which will save thousands of lives.

Although this is a difficult and crazy time, we shouldn’t feel in despair. There are people who are looking after us. All we have to do is follow the security measures and we will be alright.

Doctors celebrating a patient cured the from coronavirus
Jaqueline Goes, one of the scientists who did the genome sequencing